SWC 7: Jesse Lawler – Productivity Hacking through Smart Drugs

Jesse Lawler of Smart Drug Smarts gives us the crash course on Smart Drugs AKA Nootropics, which of them we should take along with other supplements to improve our concentration and learning.

Jesse is one of those rare men that articulates complex subjects so a novice instantly feels like an expert. We explore the Pluses and Minuses to various drugs and give a basic starting plan if you are new to Nootropics.

The best performance enhancements are surprisingly healthy and well known.

Around minute 28 put on your tin-foil hats. Jesse and I take a theoretical journey on what will happen to all of us the near future as technology and drugs push the limits of what it means to be human.

Just as reminder Jesse and I are not medical professionals. You are only listening to two self-deluded men ramble on about personal theories.   Non of which should be confused with medical advice

Smart Drug Smarts: www.smartdrugsmarts.com
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