SWC 9: Mike Harrington – Free your fear: Making the leap to six figures

11350337_10153355574084723_2085771682_nIf you are in business or want to, Mike Harrington explains how to overcome the fears people have working towards a 6 figure business.  This episode is especially fitting, if want to live the dream nomadic entrepreneurial life style.  Mike shares the surprising  #1 most powerful and consistent you can take when starting out.  It doesn’t take any skill or knowledge.

We talk his own panic and anxiety attacks and why it is so common for many.  He explains why after interviewing successful case studies practice beat talent every time and having habits is the difference between the pros and the amateurs.

This episode pairs well with last week’s episode by Gregory Caremans on how to beat the fraud feeling.


Mike plays Pants/No Pants for National Alliance on Mental Illness 

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  • Info Graphic on habits and mindset for the 6 figure leap.

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