SWC 8: Gregory Caremans – Create Confidence Using Your Brain

Today on Shaving with Chainsaws we do the impossible by killing off the imposture syndrome, and understand where confidence lives in your brain. Gregory Caremans of Human Dimension an expert in brain behavioral biology gives us the lowdown on a new field of study called Neuralcognitive Behavioral Approach, or NBA for short.
We take a trip through the development of the human species on why we all feel like an impostor or fraud when we step out to do something new or ‘bigger’ than ourselves. This wouldn’t be Shaving with Chainsaws if we didn’t explain why you have and how to overcome your built in self-suppression instinct.  There is a specific way to do that, which Gregory happily explains.

Facebook page: The Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach
Udemy course spoken about in podcast: https://www.udemy.com/my-brain-and-i/

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