SWC 4: Using Copywriting To Get Anything You Want – Kevin Rogers

I make Kevin Rogers of Copy Chief say things he never intended to; we play a game of Pants / No Pants and most importantly, dissect how to get anything you want using copywriting.

Ex road comic Kevin tells how anyone can learn the basics of copywriting to be more persuasive in day-to-day activities. We go on his journey from touring with crusty old comedians to working with copy legend John Carlton with whom he soon found himself a better an. We chat about why the best most persuasive copywriters automatically develop a deep moral code to not take advantage of others.
Kevin reveals the one thing you need to do to break through the income ceiling and be paid more, how to employ the “Mailman Technique” to open more doors. We agree to the optimal method of stalking anyone.

At the end he explains how you can use the 4 step copywriting process of identity struggle discovery, results to make your life better. This is the same process comedians use to create killer jokes and copywriters create money making messages.

If you are interested in becoming a copywriter reach out to Kevin at CopyChief.com

Here is the link to Kevin’s Amazon best seller 60 second sales hook. (Additional optin required)

Pants/No Pants Results

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