SWC 6: Jon Myers – Design Your Life with Design Theory

Jon-Profile Pic Serendipity can be engineered. There is no need to wait around for once in a lifetime opportunities when you can create them.

Expert digital designer Jon Myers explains how to use design theory to see patterns around you and connect the dots to better opportunities. It starts by clearly describing problems and not prescribing solutions.

Jon raised venture capital by giving tacos and beer away because no body was talking to each other in his hometown.   Eventually this led to Jon redesigning the FBI CODIS website.

I know Jon personally. He is one of the best connectors and givers in the digital nomad scene. Listen to the shoe ‘story’ on how easy it is to connect with powerful people and how most of us overcomplicate starting a conversation. (In other words you want to hear this if you have ever felt it hard to start a conversation.)

Of course, we play a round of Pants/No Pants for Clear Water Charity.

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