SWC 1: Million Dollar Consulting – John Logar

John Logar is an expert in training ordinary people to have a million dollar consulting company.  John philosophy is everything starts with the right thinking. We take a look at the necessary mindset you need to transition from barely making it or miserably making money to truly content and profitable.   John shares a dark time in his life when he wasn’t happy and what he did to make the leap to ‘fulfillment’.  He proclaims he is pragmatic and not woo-woo, but I call him out on his BS when he starts to use words like “enlightenment’. No crystals and drums allowed in SWC. You can reach out to John at http://www.consultingunleashed.com/ Additional content for Brotherhood members:
  • HD Video of the interview
  • 33 Profitable Niche Report
  • How to Generate High Paying Client Niche Markets from John
  • Outtakes / Bloopers

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  1. win.nguyend@gmail.com says

    Christopher, I have listened to every single one of John’s content, every single one. So THANK YOU for this one because you asked the questions nobody has ever asked him. :) This one is worth relistening to at least a few times (and I’ve already shared with 2 other people!)

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