SWC 9: Mike Harrington – Free your fear: Making the leap to six figures

If you are in business or want to, Mike Harrington explains how to overcome the fears people have working towards a 6 figure business.  This episode is especially fitting, if want to live the dream nomadic entrepreneurial life style.  Mike shares the surprising  #1 most powerful and consistent you can take when starting out.  It doesn't take any skill or knowledge.We talk his own panic and anxiety attacks and why it is so common for many.  He explains why after interviewing successful case … [Read more...]

SWC 4: Using Copywriting To Get Anything You Want – Kevin Rogers

I make Kevin Rogers of Copy Chief say things he never intended to; we play a game of Pants / No Pants and most importantly, dissect how to get anything you want using copywriting. Ex road comic Kevin tells how anyone can learn the basics of copywriting to be more persuasive in day-to-day activities. We go on his journey from touring with crusty old comedians to working with copy legend John Carlton with whom he soon found himself a better an. We chat about why the best most persuasive … [Read more...]

SWC 1: Million Dollar Consulting – John Logar

John Logar is an expert in training ordinary people to have a million dollar consulting company.  John philosophy is everything starts with the right thinking. We take a look at the necessary mindset you need to transition from barely making it or miserably making money to truly content and profitable.   John shares a dark time in his life when he wasn't happy and what he did to make the leap to 'fulfillment'.  He proclaims he is pragmatic and not woo-woo, but I call him out on his BS when he … [Read more...]