SWC 3: How To Beat Depression Without Medication – TJ Nelson

Tj Nelson DominateDepression.com

Do you struggle with depression and have long low periods of funk? Have you unsuccessfully tried to “just get over it” with positive thinking? TJ Nelson explains how the roots of depression are deeper than your thoughts and what you can do to kick it using simple techniques and over the counter items. He lived with depression and suicidal thoughts for years after his brother died of cancer and struggling to make ends meet. TJ wanted to end it all but made a vow to live for one more year, trying … [Read more...]

SWC 2: The Problems Of Being A Dude In A Woman’s World – Jasmin Newman

Show Notes: Jasmin Newman is seen as an evildoer by some women.  As a men's relationships coach and rights activist she describes how feminism has gone too far and restricted men's creativity and voice.  We briefly discuss the ways men get trapped and how to move beyond the gender warfare.  Close to the end Jasmin give a killer tip on how any man can get the upper hand in an argument with his partner. Use with caution and care.  I do my best to derail the conversation. … [Read more...]

SWC 1: Million Dollar Consulting – John Logar

John Logar is an expert in training ordinary people to have a million dollar consulting company.  John philosophy is everything starts with the right thinking. We take a look at the necessary mindset you need to transition from barely making it or miserably making money to truly content and profitable.   John shares a dark time in his life when he wasn't happy and what he did to make the leap to 'fulfillment'.  He proclaims he is pragmatic and not woo-woo, but I call him out on his BS when he … [Read more...]