SWC 9: Mike Harrington – Free your fear: Making the leap to six figures

If you are in business or want to, Mike Harrington explains how to overcome the fears people have working towards a 6 figure business.  This episode is especially fitting, if want to live the dream nomadic entrepreneurial life style.  Mike shares the surprising  #1 most powerful and consistent you can take when starting out.  It doesn't take any skill or knowledge.We talk his own panic and anxiety attacks and why it is so common for many.  He explains why after interviewing successful case … [Read more...]

SWC 8: Gregory Caremans – Create Confidence Using Your Brain

Today on Shaving with Chainsaws we do the impossible by killing off the imposture syndrome, and understand where confidence lives in your brain. Gregory Caremans of Human Dimension an expert in brain behavioral biology gives us the lowdown on a new field of study called Neuralcognitive Behavioral Approach, or NBA for short. We take a trip through the development of the human species on why we all feel like an impostor or fraud when we step out to do something new or ‘bigger’ than … [Read more...]

SWC 7: Jesse Lawler – Productivity Hacking through Smart Drugs

Jesse Lawler of Smart Drug Smarts gives us the crash course on Smart Drugs AKA Nootropics, which of them we should take along with other supplements to improve our concentration and learning. Jesse is one of those rare men that articulates complex subjects so a novice instantly feels like an expert. We explore the Pluses and Minuses to various drugs and give a basic starting plan if you are new to Nootropics. The best performance enhancements are surprisingly healthy and well known. Around … [Read more...]

SWC 6: Jon Myers – Design Your Life with Design Theory

Serendipity can be engineered. There is no need to wait around for once in a lifetime opportunities when you can create them. Expert digital designer Jon Myers explains how to use design theory to see patterns around you and connect the dots to better opportunities. It starts by clearly describing problems and not prescribing solutions. Jon raised venture capital by giving tacos and beer away because no body was talking to each other in his hometown.   Eventually this led to Jon redesigning … [Read more...]

SWC 5: Continuing Your Olympic Size Dreams After You Fail To Qualify – Adam Lewis Walker

Have you ever had your dreams taken away from you? How do you get back up after it is clear your dreams are impossible to reach?   How do you move onto something new when everyone associates you with failure.  In this episode we are taking the Way-Back-Machine to May 2014 when I met up with Adam Lewis Walker of Awaken Your Alpha.  Adam is a testimony of how you can transmute the death of a dream into a greater purpose. Adam failed to qualify for the UK Olympics twice. Once as a pole vaulter, … [Read more...]

SWC 4: Using Copywriting To Get Anything You Want – Kevin Rogers

I make Kevin Rogers of Copy Chief say things he never intended to; we play a game of Pants / No Pants and most importantly, dissect how to get anything you want using copywriting. Ex road comic Kevin tells how anyone can learn the basics of copywriting to be more persuasive in day-to-day activities. We go on his journey from touring with crusty old comedians to working with copy legend John Carlton with whom he soon found himself a better an. We chat about why the best most persuasive … [Read more...]

SWC 3: How To Beat Depression Without Medication – TJ Nelson

Tj Nelson DominateDepression.com

Do you struggle with depression and have long low periods of funk? Have you unsuccessfully tried to “just get over it” with positive thinking? TJ Nelson explains how the roots of depression are deeper than your thoughts and what you can do to kick it using simple techniques and over the counter items. He lived with depression and suicidal thoughts for years after his brother died of cancer and struggling to make ends meet. TJ wanted to end it all but made a vow to live for one more year, trying … [Read more...]

SWC 2: The Problems Of Being A Dude In A Woman’s World – Jasmin Newman

Show Notes: Jasmin Newman is seen as an evildoer by some women.  As a men's relationships coach and rights activist she describes how feminism has gone too far and restricted men's creativity and voice.  We briefly discuss the ways men get trapped and how to move beyond the gender warfare.  Close to the end Jasmin give a killer tip on how any man can get the upper hand in an argument with his partner. Use with caution and care.  I do my best to derail the conversation. … [Read more...]

SWC 1: Million Dollar Consulting – John Logar

John Logar is an expert in training ordinary people to have a million dollar consulting company.  John philosophy is everything starts with the right thinking. We take a look at the necessary mindset you need to transition from barely making it or miserably making money to truly content and profitable.   John shares a dark time in his life when he wasn't happy and what he did to make the leap to 'fulfillment'.  He proclaims he is pragmatic and not woo-woo, but I call him out on his BS when he … [Read more...]