SWC 5: Continuing Your Olympic Size Dreams After You Fail To Qualify – Adam Lewis Walker

Have you ever had your dreams taken away from you? How do you get back up after it is clear your dreams are impossible to reach?   How do you move onto something new when everyone associates you with failure.  In this episode we are taking the Way-Back-Machine to May 2014 when I met up with Adam Lewis Walker of Awaken Your Alpha.  Adam is a testimony of how you can transmute the death of a dream into a greater purpose. Adam failed to qualify for the UK Olympics twice. Once as a pole vaulter, blowing out his knee on the day of qualifications. Then again being cut from the paralympic sitting volleyball team the day before leaving. The death of Adam’s dream open new doors to a more fulfilling and profitable life.   He co-wrote the best selling book “New rules of Success” and now coaches Olympic contenders. But what do you do in the in between times when you are not there yet.  There was a time he still didn’t believe in himself even after having co-writting his best selling book . Adam identified four things holding him back. Giving up the thought you needed to learn just a bit more before you can start Take imperfect action instead of perfect inaction Be kind to yourself, especially in your mind Let go of your (false) safety net and your too perfect plan B. The audio quality is scratchy, while the wisdom is worth the listen. https://www.shavingwithchainsaws.com/awakenyouralpha/ AYAlpha.com  

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